• Electives help prepare students for high school courses in foreign languages, technology, art, music, drama and a variety of other subjects.  Among the many electives that Ramirez Intermediate School offers is advanced middle school computer electives, such as a website design class.  We also offer academic support electives for students in math and English to help prevent students from falling behind their grade levels. Electives often have smaller class sizes than the main subjects.

  • Electives at Ramirez help students develop and expand their interests.  We offer "exploratory wheel" electives with three trimester long classes and year long electives as well.  This helps students determine what courses and activities interest them. 

    Taking an interest in musical instruments, plays, computer programming, a sport, photography or another subject may enhance a student's general interest in education. 

ASB (Associated Student Body):  This course is designed to empower students to become effective leaders on campus. Students will explore various components of what it means to be an effective group member and leader through planning and implementing activities, programs, and events for Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School students and faculty.  Students will be selected through an application process for this course.
Please see Mrs. Kirchhoff's teacher page to view more information about ASB and the ASB guidelines.