School Wide Learning Outcomes 
 Kennedy Middle College graduates will be Critical Thinkers who:
  • Use critical thinking skills to analyze, interpret and evaluate varying opinions and data to formulate reasoned solutions and responses. 
  • Integrate prior knowledge with a new idea and concepts and formulate a reasoned solution. 
Indicators: Socratic seminars, focused not taking, performance tasks, ACT/SAT/PSAT test scores
Kennedy Middle College graduates will be Collaborative Individuals who: 
  • Value the viewpoints of others and be open-minded to diverse ideas
  • Know how to balance collaborative and individual efforts to solve problems
Indicators: Performance tasks, student work samples.   
 Kennedy Middle College graduates will be Effective Communicators who:
  • Express their thoughts, opinions and beliefs, clearly and effectively using academic vocabulary both verbally and in writing
Indicators: Student work samples Socratic seminars reflections, performance tasks  
 Kennedy Middle College graduates will be Self-Directed Learners who:
  •  Recognize the importance of his/her own education 
  • Are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated
  • Identify areas of interest or passion 
  • Build goals upon those areas
  • Establish a pathway to meet those goals 
Indicators: Vision - 30 unit completion of Norco College courses, A-G completion, Norco College Education Plan, Smart goals in Excel, Norco College CTE Pathways, CSU mentor
 Kennedy Middle College graduates will be Community Contributors who: 
  • Demonstrate involvement within the school and community through participation in volunteer/community involvement programs. 
Indicators: Participation in service clubs on campus and organizations within the community  
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