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    These links are here to assist the Lincoln Alternative staff.

                                          Office 365 Email & Master Calendar                               

                                                  Steps to view the Master Calendar with email are:

                                                  1.    Open your email account
    2.    Click the calendar in the lower left hand corner

                                       a calendar will open

                            3.    Find Share à it is in blue at the top of calendar area.   
    Click Share

                            4.    Click Add Calendar

                                       5.    Type “liescalendar” where the cursor is and click OK

                                                  6.    Select the first “liescalendar” that shows and click OK

                                                  7.    On the left side, be sure LIESCalendar is checked


                                            LEARNING ZONE                      Welcome to Q

                                         Common Core State Standards
                                                      Q Remote Access
          Illuminate                                     Envision Math                                 
           Curriculum Guides                       MAA                                                        
    You may first get a log-in page

        HM Think Central                        Lincoln Library Search          
                                  Discovery Education (United Streaming)
           Renaissance On Point Responders                    ICONS 1         ICONS 2
    Additional Websites for Instruction & Student Engagement
         Virtues Books: Different Titles                       WriteWorx  
    Virtues materials                                                                  Formally CTeWriter   
         CTAPAssessment                                             Grade Level Math Games
    Check it out. 
         Qwiki.com                                                           BitStrips.com               
         Find video clips on different topics.                         Student can make comics
         Enter topic and search.                                           tied to any subject
         Animoto                                                               Quizlet      
          Create amazing videos                                            Flash cards for study

        Commoncraft                                                      Voki                                  
         Useful ready-made videos
                                                     Create speaking Avatars 
        WolframAlpha                                                     Science Fair Central        
         Math calculate and explore

        Scattergories                                                      Zamzar    
        A challenging game                                                             Turns text to audio
        KhanAcademy                                                    Chess  
        Hundreds of videos & practice
       Students can make movies
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