Lincoln Lion's 100 Mile Club

Lincoln Lion's 100 Mile Club
Lincoln Alternative is in its third year of encouraging students to walk to a goal.  Students may officially join by completing the registration form.  These forms are available from your teacher or office. 

 * Students run/walk on Tuesday and Thursdays at first recess supervised by parent volunteers distributing sticks for each lap completed.  The sticks are turned in to the teacher for credit toward their miles goal.

Teachers may also have students out during classtime to walk/run the courses.
 * The "First Friday" of each month from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. is available for students to walk/run the course.  Parents pick up their children at the back of the school.
 * Community 100 Mile Club walks are also a means of collecting miles.  Check the website:  for their calendar of events.
Students earn their t-shirts when they complete 25 miles.  T-shirts are available for student pick-up during first recess on Wednesdays only.  Teachers will advise students which classrooms t-shirts are available. 

For more information or to volunteer to assist with run/walk times please contact:

PTA Chairpersons / Lisa Espinosa   (951) 265-9594

PTA Chairpersons / Elisa Spitler    (909) 203-0423

LAS Teacher Coordinator / Jackie Merrifield