Sam Oramas - Assistant Principal

Contact Information

(951) 739-5670 Ext 20042
FAX (951) 739-5693


Mr. Oramas begins his fourth year at Centennial High School as Assistant Principal.  He is in his tenth year in administration and has ten years teaching experience at the high school level.  Mr. Oramas has taught algebra, geometry, and law enforcement.  Mr. Oramas earned a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University Law School.  Currently, Mr. Oramas collaborates with the Math department and World Language department in an effort to increase student learning and close the achievement gap.  He is responsible for the media center, campus security, school safety, district assessments, CAHSEE, the HUSKY website, school technology, and the EL program including CELDT (a required test for English Language proficiency).  Furthermore, Mr. Oramas is responsible for Parent Portal, textbooks, and obligations.  He works to help all students modify their behavior and be successful in their classes.  Specifically, Mr. Oramas works with students with last name from Rf to Z.  Mr. Oramas believes that "education is good for the soul." Additionally, he believes that all students can be motivated to learn and be encouraged to become life-long learners by searching for a career that brings them passion.  In the immortal words of Steve Jobs, "if you don't love it [career], your gonna fail [not persevere], you gotta love it [career] and you gotta have passion."