• Santiago High School
    Significant Trend Data 
    • Our CAHSEE pass rate for Sophomores the last 3 years has hovered over the 92% rate for English Language Arts and 95% for Math.
    • We continue to grow our AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program as the College and Career focus increases Nationwide.
    • We administer over 1300 AP tests and the percentage of students taking the courses and the AP test has increased tremendously over the last 3 years.
    • Our API (Academic Performance Index) has grown by double digits each of the last 3 years.
    • The achievement gap amongst our significant subgroups is shrinking each year.
    • D and F Rates have lowered from 21% to 16% over last 3 years.
    • Suspension rates have decreased each year.
    • We have a 99% Senior graduation rate.
    • We have one of the highest rates of students meeting A-G course requirements for entry to college in Riverside County.
    Santiago High School Performance Profile
    Performance Indicators2007-20082008-20092009-20102011-2012State Average*Growth
     Total API72777078979974210
    % Proficient/Advanced      
     LA          54 
     9th59636971 2
     10th46535660 4
     11th42515661 5
     Math         50 
     9th28333341 8
     10th7162127 6
     11th19202128 7
     Soc. Sci.    48 
     9th32464246 4
     10th35414741 -6
     11th36535356 3
     Science    43 
     9th45505058 8
     10th35384641 -5
     11th39475554 -1
     AYP Met?NoYesNoNoNo 
    * State averages for grades 2-11      
    API Achievement Gap Analysis      
    Black or African American  69873875677965023
    Asian  8208568638668663
    Hispanic or Latino  66471273875068812
    White  7647988188278109
    Socioeconomically Disadvantaged  63667971373968426
    English Learners  58360665266764015
    Students with Disabilities  47549854956250113
    CAHSEE Pass Rate      
    AP Testing   
    Numer of Courses Offered22222222 0
    % of students in class taking test74.870.878.483.5 5.1
    Number of Students taking test537568603678 75
    Tests Taken1082115312291378 149
    Percentage Passed42.61%50.30%50.80%55.90%58.19%5.1
    D & F Rates  16.34%16.18%  
    Performance Indicators2007-20082008-20092009-20102011-2012State Average*Growth
    Attendance Rate95.996.795.694.80.8
    Seniors Meeting A-G Requirements57%58%61%63%36% (2009)2
     Senior Class Graduation Rate95.10%96.70%99.00%99.00%80.4% (2009)0
    SAT Testing      
    Test Takers510498422488158,666-76
    Critical Reading47948049049650120
    Writing 47647648649652022
    ACT Testing      
    # of Seniors Tested13818613722974,32692
    Average Score20.8621.0621.922.121.90.2
    PSAT Testing      
    10th Grade  111143  
    11th Grade  213214  
    AVID Data      
    Program Enrollment272283305423 118
    Graduation Rate100%100%100%100% 0
    Seniors Meeting A-G Requirements91.40%93.90%100%100% 0
    % Graduating With at Least 1 AP Class54.50%68.60%55.10%71.70% 16.6
    % Planning to Attend 4 Year University86%83%66%80% 14
Last Modified on December 6, 2011