The Environmental Club
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The Environmental Club is a student-driven club at Norco Intermediate, which involves initiatives among students and staff to reduce their energy use to conserve resources. Here's what our Bobcats are doing to conserve on our campus this year:
  • Recycling - lunch-time helpers pick up water bottles and cans during lunch, and have placed recycling trash cans in the lunch area for staff and student convenience.
  • Power Strips - students provide power strips to all teachers to they have one central location in which to plug in their electrical devices and then are able to turn off the electricity at the touch of a button. Not only does this provide convenience to our staff to save energy on the things they don't need to use, but also restricts the use of "phantom" electricity, which is the drawing of electricity to a source even when it's not in use.
  • Thursday Think Green Day - conserving energy and resources is such a vital part of our organization that we have dedicated every Thursday as our day to remind and embrace our conservation efforts. Staff and students are encouraged to wear green every Thursday in support of our efforts.

Ways in which Bobcat Staff can exercise conservation techniques at school!
  • Bulb Removal - Remove some light bulbs to reduce lighting not necessarily needed.
  • Unplug - Electrical items draw energy even when shut off. Unplug anything not in use regularly.
  • Power Strip - Plug everything into a common power strip to reduce the number of items turned off at the end of the day. Assign this as a daily responsibility to one of your students for ease and convenience. Need a power strip? Simply email myself, Mr. London, or Mr. Pena.
  • Turn Off A/C - Turn off the a/c by clicking "MODE" on the control panel.
  • Turn Off Lights - Turn off lights when enough natural light can be used.


At Home
Exercise conservation techniques at home! Click on the following links for helpful conservation tips at home.

The Environmental Club
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