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    This Section is all about ASES: John Adams After School Education and Safety Program


    Our ASES Program runs every day. It begins immediately upon dismissal (including early dismissal days), and ends every evening at 6:00 PM.

    The program contains many daily elements to help our students to grow academically throughout the school year.
    The ASES Program includes the following on a daily basis:
    1. A healthy snack. This is included in the program and students are not charged.
    2. Tutorials taught by credentialed teachers Monday through Thursday in reading, writing, and math.
    3. Recess to allow our students a few minutes to stretch and play.
    4. Structured homework time, assisted by credentialed Intervention Teachers as well as our ASES aides.
    5. Reading time. This helps our students to succeed in the school's Accelerated Reader Program.
    6. Weekly crafts or art projects supervised by our ASES aides.
    Students are accepted into the ASES program based upon specific criteria. Please contact your student's teacher or Aimee Lee, our ASES Coordinator at alee@cnusd.k12.ca.us  to see if your student qualifies.
Last Modified on June 9, 2015