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Friday Night Live is a statewide youth program that builds partnerships for positive and healthy development by involving students as active leaders and resources in our community. The junior high program, known as Club Live, currently active in 56 counties across California, provides activities and awareness for drug abuse prevention.

What it Club Live?
Club Live is an after-school club designed to teach adolescents to have fun without using drugs.

What activities do they do?
1.  Red Ribbon Week - This club organizes Red Ribbon Week, providing music, games, and activities at lunch, distributing wristbands, and much more!
2.  Field Trips - Past trips include Magic Mountain, Hurricane Harbor, and various conferences to train student leaders.
3.  Dances - Various dances and other social events
4.  Community Events - Attend various community events, such as the Town Hall Booth Activity  

How can I join?

How often do students meet?
Students meet about 1-2 times per month after school. Announcement are made during the school daily
announcements in the morning , so listen carefully!
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