• The internet can be a great source of information, learning experience and just plain fun.  BUT...there can also be inappropriate websites and people online that can be a danger to you, or your computer.  Please look at the tips below and talk to you parents before using the internet.



    Top 10 Internet Safety Tips for Students


    1.  NEVER give out personal information like your address, telephone number, school name or city, your parents work information, etc - without parent permission. 


    2.  Create a screen name or email address that does not use your real name or date of birth.  For example, instead of:  “sallyjones24” use “gr8dancer2”.


    3.  NEVER agree to meet with an internet friend unless your parents say it’s ok and they go with you.  Sometimes bad people pretend to be someone they aren’t online –adults even pretending to be a kid or teen. 


    4.  Do not send or post pictures of yourself or your family without checking with a parent.


    5.  Do not answer an email or other message from someone you don’t know.  Don’t respond to mean or insulting messages, and tell your parents if you get one.  If you get any email or message that is strange or upsetting to you, or if you ever feel uncomfortable online, talk to your parents or teacher!


    6.  Do not click on advertisements or buy anything online unless you ask a parent.  Some ads will trick you by offering free things in order to collect your personal information.


    7.  Never give your passwords to anyone except your parents. (Not even your best friend)


    8.  Ask your parents before downloading, installing or upgrading software on the computer.  Some programs or websites which seem safe may have a virus that can hurt your computer or take your personal files and information.


    9.  Be respectful online - be polite in emails and chat rooms. Do not say anything that is hurtful to other people.


    10.  Don’t break copyright rules by copying pictures or text from another website without their permission.




    * Not everything you read online is true.

    * Not everyone is who they say they are.

    * Not all web pages are appropriate


    Spend time with your parents and show them the sites you like to visit.  Always tell your parents about the people you meet and talk to on the internet.