Todd Elementary GATE Program

The mission of the GATE program at Todd Elementary is to provide our gifted and talented students with a full range of instructional strategies that will address their unique needs. Todd’s GATE students receive higher level, standards-based academics, which provoke thought, intellectual growth and stimulation.

Differentiated instruction is integrated into the regular school day and instruction in all core subjects allows GATE students to delve deeper into the curriculum with more complexity than the regular educational curriculum. All teachers in grades 3-6 provide GATE students with the opportunity of differentiation through the use of universal themes, and tiered assignments.

Todd’s 5th and 6th grade GATE students participate in an enrichment class for 4 hours per week during the school day. This provides an opportunity for students to explore concepts in depth by using the following tools: Thinking skills, being able to understand depth and complexity, research skills, design of authentic products (becoming experts in a field), self–actualization, and acceleration of knowing through generalizations and past experiences. These tools will help GATE students to become high achievers and higher level thinkers. 

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