• Green Team
    save energy
    CNUSD and John Adams have partnered with the Alliance to Save Energy.
    The John Adams "Green Team" consists of 1 student from each classroom (1st - 6th) who helps their teacher/class and our school to save energy. The adult Green Committee is Mrs. Burdeshaw, Mr. Vic, and Mrs. Marquez. The green team meets 2-3 times a month at their lunch.
    Some of the things they do are: turn off, or remind the teacher to turn off the lights when the class leaves the room, turn off computers at the end of the day, turn off monitors when not in use, unplug items not being used, or use half lighting when possible like during a teacher read-aloud. They have also made posters, and done an energy audit using some of the tools in our "energy toolkit". Next week they will be helping to beautify our school by planting flowers around the trees in the lunch area and between pods 1 and 2.
    Last year we have saved a total of approx. 16.2 % of electricity. We are looking to keep that savings going for the rest of this year and next year too!
    We also had an assembly for the whole school called "ENERGY HOG" where the students learned how to save energy and not waste it. There is a website called www.energyhog.org where students can learn more and play games.
    Mrs. Burdeshaw, Mrs. Marquez, and Mr. Vic. want to help our students to save energy, take care of our earth, and look to the future.