• Attendance Policy
    In our efforts to ensure a quality education for each student at River Heights Intermediate School, we will be closely monitoring the attendance of all our students. The following is an outline of consequences that accompany attendance issues.
    Tardy Policy
    It is important that students are in class and ready to learn when the tardy bell rings.  Students arriving late to class cause disruptions to the learning environment.
    Tardies         Consequences (assigned bi-monthly)
    3-4                  After-school Detention
    5-7                  2 Hour Saturday School
    8-11               4 Hour Saturday School
    12 or more   Parent Meeting to Establish a Tardy Contract
    Students should attend school regularly.  If it is absolutely necessary to take your child out of school while on-track please contact the school two weeks prior to leaving to arrange for independent study.  These absences must never exceed five days. 
    Truancy Policy
    All absences must be promptly reported to the Attendance Office.
    Absence                                         Consequence
    Period Truancy                              2 HR Saturday School
    All Day Truancy/Unexecused      4 HR Saturday School 
    *Students with poor attendance may be subject to attendance contracts.
    *Administration may alter consequences if deemed necessary.