Math Field Day is an annual event for students in grades 5-8 created to spur students' curiosity in mathematics. Students  compete in math various grade-level competitions:

Number Sense - 50 multiple-choice questions involving number sense, such as computing numbers involving exponents, powers, roots, and simply problems.

Mental Gymnastics - Calculate and solve problems involving addition, subtraction, mulitplication, and division without the use of a calculator. Here is a sample problem: 10+9+8+7+6+5+5+6+7+8+9

Calculator Challenge - Calculate various problems using a calculator. Here is a sample problem: Find the area of a tirangle with an altitude 17.2cm and a base of 8.5cm

Leapfrog - Problems which involve measurements and geometry, such as selecting appropriate units of measurement and use ratios to convert within and between measurement systems. Here is a sample problem: Three angles of a quadrilateral measure 50°, 50°, and 150°. What is the measure of the fourth angle?

Construction Derby - Students work cooperatively to construct an object within a specified amount of time. The object is
measured, tested, or compared by a team of proctors.

How can I join?
Any student is welcome to apply - simply listen for announcements after Winter Break for meetings that will be held to review the event guidelines and to answer your questions.

Do I have to be good at math to join?
Although you do not have to be the best student at math to try out, you do need to have a competitive edge in order to compete against other students and schools.

When is it held?
Practice and elimination rounds begin after school resumes from Winter Break - listen for announcements! The competition takes place when we return from Spring Break (usually on a Saturday).
Is there a fee to participate?
No, there are no entry or competition fees - all materials are provided for the students. (Students are responsible for their own meals,which is generally sold at the competition.)
Can my parents attend?
Yes parents and families may attend to support you during the competion only.


Math Field Day
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