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               ZAP at NIS

    What is ZAP?

    ZAP stands for “Zeros aren’t Permitted”. ZAP is an intervention which provides students with an opportunity to complete missing classwork and assignments in a quiet environment, during the first part of their regular lunch period. ZAP is designed to insure that you get your school work done, which will help you learn and be academically successful.


    Who will get ZAPPED ?

    A student who has not completed his/her classwork or homework at the time it is due will get “Zapped” by their teacher. The teacher will indicate this in the student’s planner by circling the missing assignment in planner and initialing the ZAP column so student (and parent) will know that the student is getting ZAPPED.

    Note: student has the remainder of the week to get work turned in before officially being sent to ZAP for the following week.


    What happens if I get ZAPPED ?

    Your teacher will inform you that you’ve been ZAPPED, and until you become “unZapped” (explained below)

    you must report to the ZAP Zone at the beginning of your lunch, every day for the following week. Students serve ZAP for incomplete assignments from the previous week.

    While serving ZAP, you must:

    Report immediately to ZAP at the beginning of your lunch period (Room # will be posted each week.)

    Know what assignment/s you are to be working on and how to complete it. ZAP zone is not considered a tutoring session.

    Bring all necessary materials needed to complete work

    Complete work silently

    Continue serving ZAP all week, or until you get unZAPPED by your teacher.


    How do I get unZAPPED ?

    To get unZAPPED, take the completed work to the teacher/s who ZAPPED you for their review.

    Make sure to take it to the teacher when, how, and where they have established as their procedure for

    evaluated completed ZAP work.

    If the work is acceptable, the teacher will unZAP you by marking (or stamping) UNZAPPED by the missing

    assignment noted in your planner.

    You still need to report immediately to ZAP at the beginning of your next lunch period, and show the ZAP Zone team leader your UNZAPPED stamp.

    You will then be excused from ZAP


    What if I no-show ZAP?

    You MUST serve your ZAP time or you will receive consequences. We will find you!! And you will still be ZAPPED plus receive progressive discipline consequences.