To Participate in 8th Grade Activities I need:

          Academics –

    • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

          Attendance –

    • Students must attend 90% or more of the school days or periods they are enrolled in. 
    • Students demonstrating poor attendance habits (i.e.--excessive tardies, truancies, no documenation from medical appointments or frequent early dismissals) will be referred to administration and may be excluded from participating in the school activities.       Note:  Students will have the opportunity to attend Saturday School to receive credit for a day of absence.   

          Behavior –

    • Disciplinary Saturday Schools must be served.
    • Students earning multiple Ed Code Violations resulting in administrative disciplinary action may not be allowed to participate in school activities.
    • Students consistently demonstrating poor behavior may be placed on a behavior contract.
    Promotion Information 

    Promotion is scheduled for Friday, June 1st at  2:00PM at Santiago High School’s football stadium. 

    • No school for 8th graders June 2nd– promotion is the school activity
    • Students need to report to the SHS gymnasium at 1:00PM. Latecomers may not be able to participate. Students will be searched for electronics or other items not allowed on the field.
    • Student names will be read at the beginning of the ceremony. Please be on time to avoid missing your name being read.
    • Visitors sit in the home grandstand if your child’s last name begins with A-L
    • Visitors sit in the visitors grandstand if your child’s last name begins with M-Z
    • Mrs. Benton, Mrs. Rekte and students requiring assistance on the field will be seated on the home grandstand side in the front row.
    • Parking is limited. You may enter the lot from either Rimpau or Chase.
    • No air horns, balloons, umbrellas, signs or other distractions to the ceremony are allowed. Please be courteous so everyone can hear and see when their child’s name is read.
    • Students will be located on the blacktop outside of the gym after the ceremony. Alphabetical signs will be posted to assist you in locating your child. Please arrange a spot to meet your child after the ceremony.
    • Yearbooks (if extra are available), water, leis and other items will be sold before the ceremony at the main entrance. Pre-ordered leis are available through W.E.B. and will be distributed inside the gym to students.
    • No high heels are allowed on the artificial turf at Santiago. Flat shoes or wedges only.
    • No parents are permitted on the track or field at any time during or after the ceremony.



    Congratulations to our 8th grade students and the future class of 2022!!!