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    Online Scholarship Center

    Soon you and your family will be embarking on the journey of obtaining supplemental funding for your post-secondary education and/or training. This process is exciting and challenging at times. This is a journey in which much of the work is done by the student. The organizations, businesses, and individuals utilize campuses across CNUSD to promote thier funding. Ultimately they choose who will receive their scholarship funds. Staff members here at CEHS and other campuses help facilitate the local scholarship process by:

    1) Managing the information regarding scholarships that come through the school
    2) Making information available to parents and students
    3) Helping organizations narrow down the vast amount of applications submitted
    4) By organizing the event where students receive recognition for their scholarship awards
    5) By assisting and supporting students during the process

    Ultimately, you are promoting yourself to the organization in hopes that they think you are the best candidate to receive their funds.

    Scholarships are available for all types of post-secondary options. Use this online center to gather information on local and general scholarships. Local scholarships are those from the surrounding communities that may include not-for profit organizations, local businesses, school affiliated organizations, etc. General scholarships may include national, state, city-wide, and other private scholarships. General scholarships are only advertised on campus and we do not manage those scholarships, but simply pass on the information to students to investigate on their own. See information on general scholarships on that web page.

    When you exit this page visit the other two and view,download or print the "Local Scholarship Application", and the"Scholarship Information Packet". You can also view, download or print the most updated list of "General Scholarships" that we know of.
    *A few last comments: Read all information carefully, strictly follow directions regarding the appplication process and on the appplications themselves, meet all of your deadlines (no exceptions will be made for tardiness), please do not apply for scholarships for which you are not eligible or do not qualify for.

    We at CEHS hope this is a smooth and exciting process for each student. Remember to "Stay Strong" and "Believe in Yourself". Good Luck!