"Success Starts With Believing in Yourself!"
    What is the purpose of Renaissance Leadership?  

    The purpose of Renaissance Leadership is to individually recognize all students and staff faculty at JFK. By hosting events such as Awards Assemblies, Rallies, and Birthday recognition, Renaissance encourages all students to excel academically, thus allowing them to have a sense of belonging at JFK -- all while having fun at the same time!  Renaissance Leadership encourages students to actively be leaders through example on campus.



    Renaissance Leadership Officers 2017 – 2018



    • President: Lisa Imai
    • Vice President: Naomi Dooley
    • Treasurer: Jasmine Macias
    • Secretary: Zachary McKenzie
    Publicity Committee: 
    • Director: Jessica Ocampo
    • Co-Director: Taylor Jennings
    • Delegates: 
             -Jessica Mondragon
             -Kevin Lin
             -Ynnah Dudang
             -Alis Marquez
    Student Committee:
    • Director: Trinity Ritzenthaler
    • Co-Director: Taylor Jennings
    • Delegates:
             -Kalyssa McGlothen
    Staff Committee:
    • Director: Sydney Goss
    • Co-Director: Layla Escobedo
    • Delegates:
             -Rebekah Jewett
             -Rachel Welch
    Media Committee:
    • Director: Frances Morales
    • Co-Director: Oscar Partida
    • Delegates:
             -John Germing
             -Moriah Jewett
    Fundraising Committee: 
    • Director: Karlie Chen
    • Co-Director: Noelani Maylad
    • Delegates:
             -Anwar Kalid