Regular Bell Schedule
    School Starts:            8:45 AM
    Dismissal Kinder:     12:32 PM
       2:40 - 2:57:        Principal or Asst. Principal called to get student*
    Dismissal 1st - 6th:     2:57 PM
    Wednesday Bell Schedule
    School Starts:             8:45 AM
    Dismissal Kinder:    11:32 AM
       1:40 - 1:57:        Principal or Asst. Principal called to get student*
    Dismissal 1st - 6th:    1:57 PM
    Minimum Day Bell Schedule
    (Only occurs during Parent-Teacher Conference week and the last day of school)
    School Starts:              8:45 AM
    Dismissal Kinder:        12:32 AM
    Dismissal 1st - 6th:     12:32 PM
    * Due to the end of the day activities, reminders, and other things occurring in classrooms the last 20 minutes of the day, the Principal or Assistant Principal need to get students from classrooms.  We appreciate your understanding as we seek to provide quality for each child.