12 Powerful Words to Help Your Child
    The 12 words below are valuable for children to know and do when asked (no matter their age).  As students, they will be asked to do these things many times, so it is always helpful when parents use the same words at home.  Parents may also find that using these words when talking with your child will make conversations more interesting.  
                                        1.    Prioritize:        list in order based on criteria
                                        2.    Analyze         break apart
                                        3.    Infer:              read between the lines
                                        4.    Evaluate:         judge
                                        5.    Formulate      create
                                        6.    Describe:         tell all about
                                        7.    Support        back up with details
                                        8.    Explain:          tell how
                                        9.    Summarize:    give me the short version
                                        10.  Compare:       all the ways they are alike
                                        11.  Contrast       all the ways they are different
                                        12.  Predict:          what will happen next