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    These links are to assist the Highland staff with their professional duties.

    There is a change from past practices, as we were able to use generic usernames and passwords.  Here is what the student usernames and passwords will look like:


    Student ID number




    Capital First Initial lower case last initial birthday

    Example (Student’s name is John Doe. His birthday is January 1, 2010


     (NO leading zeroes needed for single digit birth months and days.)

    NOTE:  There is no www on this web address and there is 'ee'
                 You do not use your email address to sign on only your username.
    SST Information and Forms - SST materials are found by clicking the link to the left margin
    CNUSD Learning Zone 2.0             
    You must first get a log-in page
    ELPAC Practice Tests - Grade level practice tests to help your EL students do well on ELPAC test.  Parents may also udr the website to allow their children to do the practice test.  They should have their child do little sections at a time.
    RSA Soft Tokens - Select "For assistance with your RSA token
                                        please click here
    : RSA Self Help Portal"
    Common Core Sites:
           Created math lessons for all grades.  Select from the Content Standards in center
    ELD Standards Links 
    • ELD Overview and Proficiency Level Descriptors (PDF)
    • Kindergarten - Color (PDF) | Kindergarten - Black and White (PDF)
    • Grade 1 - Color (PDF) | Grade 1 - Black and White (PDF)
    • Grade 2 - Color (PDF) | Grade 2 - Black and White (PDF)
    • Grade 3 - Color (PDF) | Grade 3 - Black and White (PDF)
    • Grade 4 - Color (PDF) | Grade 4 - Black and White (PDF)
    • Grade 5 - Color (PDF) | Grade 5 - Black and White (PDF)
    • Grade 6 - Color (PDF) | Grade 6 - Black and White (PDF)

    Discovery Education

    ·         All staff and students accounts will be linked through AD (Active Directory) with SSO (Single Sign On)

    ·         Instead of going to DiscoveryEducation.com staff will now go to cnusd.discoveryeducation.com

    ·         All accounts and usernames have been merged based on your staff emails; in addition, class rosters are automated.
              Student’s grades 3-12 will have the same SSO as teachers logging in with just their student ID# now, PROVIDED the
              into the computer with their student ID# and did NOT use the schools generic mascot username. See student login FAQ’s.

    ·         Students K-2 will still use DiscoveryEducation.com with the same generic credentials cnusd<student ID#> and the password Cnusd123.

    ·         Outside the district network, cnusd.discoveryeducation.com will use your full email address to sign in.

    ·         Students usernames will be <studentID#>@students.cnusd.discoveryeducation.com and their current password from school to access
              Discovery from home.

    Office 365 Email & Master Calendar

    Steps to view the Master Calendar with email are:
             1.       Open your email account
             2.       Click the calendar in the lower left hand corner a calendar will open
             3.     Find Share à it is in blue at the top of calendar area.   Click Share
             4.     Click Add Calendar
             5.     Type “hiescalendar” where the cursor is and click OK
             6.     Select the first “hiescalendar” that shows and click OK
             7.      On the left side, be sure HIESCalendar is checked

    Welcome to Q
    Other Sites:
    Once at the Library webpage, click Children's tab.  Log in with your library card.