Peer Assistance Leadership (PALs)

  • State award winning program recognized by the Orange County and Riverside County Departments of Education. 


    The Citrus Hills Peer Assistance Leadership Class is designed to teach students the necessary leadership and mediation skills to help resolve peer to peer conflicts on our campus. The PAL program recognizes that students are responsible people who are more than capable of solving their own disagreements in a positive way.


    Our PAL Class is trained and then conducts 5 PAL Forums during the school year.  The PAL Forum is designed for students school wide to participate in activities that are both fun and meaningful.  The activities allow students to use self-reflection as a means of attaining a better understanding of themselves and others.  This is a proactive approach to create empathy, compassion, and respect among our students at CHIS. 


    Once a week our PAL students meet with our Special needs students on campus to participate in our Peer Buddy Program.  This is a chance for PAL students to work one on one with special needs individuals.  This day is a highlight of the week for both groups of students. 


    In addition to the programs listed above, PAL students participate in a wide variety of school and community events such as: Red Ribbon Week, YEMP Career Day, Holiday Food Drive, Club Live-Anti drug and tobacco program and Anti bullying and Suicide prevention Months.


    Application Requirements (CLOSED)

    • Request PALS on your paper Course Request form.
    • Complete the Elective Registration form on this website.  Go To ELECTIVES REGISTRATION
    • Complete the PALS application found on the Electives Registration and Applications page of this website.