Kindergarten Information
    Parents, this information is to help prepare your child
    for a positive start to school.
    Children entering kindergarten should know how to:
       * Write their first name
       * How to write letters holding a pencil
       * Recognizes shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)
       * Recognizes numbers to 10 and can tell how many items there are up to 10
       * Can name all the upper case letters of the alphabet (examples: H, D, V, etc.)
       * Can say the sounds of each letter
       * Listens to and follows directions given by parent 
       * Can use the restroom on their own
       * Can tie their own shoes
       * Use the words "please" and "thank you" 
       * Has learned some of the Sight Words" 


    Listed below are the sight word lists for kindergarten. 
    Your child can begin learning these words before kindergarten.
    List A List B List C List D List E
    I me is said good
    see to in he it
    my am for that look
    like go have she not
    we be can as little
    on you this of her
    the with play no all
    an by was but do
    a at are up his
    and him had yes they

    These are key words for your child to know and understand. 
    Each ties to math and will help your child if they understand the concept of each word.

    back bottom empty first low
    front top full last high
    above before up under on
    below after down over off
    more short beginning small close
    less tall middle big far
    same average end large larger than
    different add equals less than