• Our Parent Resource page directs students and parents to online resources that help support student learning. As always, students need to be monitored while online. 

    ABCMouse https://www.abcmouse.com/

    * Preschool – 2nd grade assistance.

    Kindergarten through Twelfth: http://www.elementaryschooltutoring.com/

    * Provides free online tutoring in all subject areas

    Corona Public Library


    * Log in with your library card. Free online homework help or you can schedule a session in a private virtual study room.

    Ticket to Read http://www.tickettoread.com/

    * Per student pricing is $20.00 per year for reading only. A combined purchase of both the reading and math program is $64.00 per year. Students need to use Ticket to Read for a minimum of one hour per week to ensure maximum growth.

    ReadWorks http://www.readworks.org/

    * Free lessons on reading comprehension

    Read Write Think http://www.read,write,think.org

    Khan Academy http://www.khanacademy.org/