Virtues Program 
     A Character Education Program
    Each grade level has their own Virtue word and the school has three school-wide Virtues words which are:
      Respect, Honor, Effort
    The grade level Virtue words are:
                                                             Kindergarten:    Friendship
                                                             Grade 1:               Honesty
                                                Grade 2:           Responsibility
                                                Grade 3:           Integrity 
                                                Grade 4:           Self-Discipline 
                                                Grade 5:           Perseverance
                                                Grade 6:           Accountability
    The first Wednesday of each month, as well as other days, classes conduct a lesson related to their Virtue word.  The goal is to thoroughly teach children the meaning of each word and how to best demonstrate it.

    Each Awards Assembly, one student from each class, is awarded the Virtues award for clear demonstration of their grade level's Virtue word.