• How To Log Into i-Ready From Home 


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    Here are the steps for logging in to i-Ready from home.

    1. From your browser, go to cnusd.k12.ca.us.


    1. From the district homepage, select STUDENTS.


    1. They will be prompted to log into their account.
    • For all grade levels, the USERNAME is their school email. All students have an account: lunchnumber@students.cnusd.k12.ca.us
    • Passwords: Use the same one you do at school.
    • K-3 = first initial capitalized, second initial lowercase followed by birthdate. He is an example: Dk7132006 (July 13, 2006)
    • 4-6 = Whatever they set up in their classroom
    1. This will open up the student’s personal portal page. On the left side, they will select the option “Pre-K-5” next to the purple dot.


    1. This will open up a purple menu. From there, they will select “i-Ready”.

    At this point, they should be logged in and ready to go! Here are some things to consider when logging in or if it does not work:

    • iReady does not work with tablets or phones.
    • It does work on a Mac when using Safari.
    • If you are unable to use it while using Chrome, you may need to update the flash, otherwise try using internet explorer.
    • The birthdate does not use zeros to “fill” values. (i.e. if you use “07” instead of “7” for July, it will not work).

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