Every school has basically the same school rules.  They are:

             1. Use good manners
             2. Follow directions
             3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
             4. Treat all others with respect
             5. Use property and equipment properly
             6. Remain in assigned areas
             7. No gum chewing or play fighting

    These school rules along with our school Virtues are the foundations of maintaining a safe
    school environment and developing students with great character traits. 

    These are as important as teaching our kids everything they need in order to prepare them
    to the higher grades and their future occupations.

    Every job has rules and teaching our children about rules and the importance of following
    them helps them get ready for intermediate and high school along with their future job.

    We want every child to reach their potential; therefore, school rules are enforced.  The staff
    team appreciates parent support regarding school rules.