• Mr. Macdonald (Mr.Mack) 
    Contact Information: Telephone: 951-738-2155  ext. 4464                                      
    Email: mjmacdonald@cnusd.k12.ca.us 
    Course Description:  
    Career Technology is an exploratory course (switches every trimester) that teaches students to be technologically literate and involved in critical and creative thinking activities.  By providing opportunities for students to explore, ask questions, and use resources of information, students will be able to have  college & career awareness, and to build character that will help them identify their interests , to problem solve, and plan for a good future.  Students work in individual or group settings with hands-on computer software and other  computer projects utilizing internet research, desktop publishing through Microsoft Office & others,  to complete projects based around CNUSD’s directive of ’College, Career, Character’.  Students will be logging on to Canvas LMS from MyCNUSD or our school’s website daily for class projects.   
     Course Goals: 
    *To successfully integrate the Common Core Standards for Career Technology
    *To reflect and become a self-directed learner
    *To identify their interests for entrance to colleges
    *To identify their interests for possible careers in their future  
    *To set up their 4 Year Plan for success in high school
    *To learn to self-edit assignments for growth and critical thinking
    *To problem solve, and  to learn to be critical thinkers
    *To build upon good character and personality traits
    Course Content:
    Desktop Publishing utilizing Microsoft Office, Internet Research, Career Awareness Software, College Exploratory Projects, and Character building activities. 
    Assessment:  All assignments will be graded (unless otherwise stated) based on the following:  presentation, completion, accuracy, quality, comprehension and idea development. 
    Grading Scale: A  = 90%-100%               C  = 70%-79%   B  = 80%-89%  D  = 60%-69%      F  =  59% & below