• Attendance

    If for any reason your child will not be attending school, please call the school office at 738-2180. 
    For your convenience, you may leave absence information on the school recorder before and after school hours.
    Absence Verification Requirements: Verification must be received and recorded within the month, or the absence is unexcused.  Note or phone message must contain. 
    • Student's full name
    • Grade or Teacher
    • Date(s) absent and verification date
    • Cause of absence
    • Name and relationship of reporter
    Code 1 Excused Absences
    • Illness Or Injury
    • Medical, Dental, Optometric, Psychological, or Chiropractic appointment
    • Funeral Service of Immediate Family Member (Mother, Father, Sibling, Grandparent, or any other Relative living in the home. California 1 day - Out of State - 3 days.
    • Quarantine 
    Code 2 Excused Absences
    • Court Appearance / Legal Appointment / Investigative Hearing
    • Religious Holiday, Ceremony or Retreat
    • Funeral Service other than excused
    • Personal resasons requested by parent or guardian - approved by Administrator or Administrative Designee


    • Students need to be in their classroom at 8:00am or they are considered tardy.
    • Students arriving during the first 10 minutes will be directed to their classroom and the teacher will mark them tardy.
    • Students arriving 10 minutes after the bell will need a late pass from the office in order to be admitted to class. 
    • Students who arrive more than 30 minutes late are considered truant by state law, unless they were ill or at a medical appointment.
    • If a student receives over three 30 minute tardies during the school year, parents will receive a letter regarding these truancies.

    Independent Study Information: Although we always encourage students to be present in school, we appreciate your committment to keeping your child engaged while they are absent from school for this period of time.  Please be aware of the following prior to making the request:

    • Independent Study contracts must be requested, filled out, and signed by the parent/guardian NO LESS than one week prior to the start of the absence.
    • Independent Study will not be approved the first or last week of the school year.
    • Independent Study will only be approved one time per academic school year.
    • Learning is occurring by completing the work assigned but this is not classroom instrudtion/collaboration and academic gaps will occur.
    • The work must be completed by the student and returned the scheduled day of their return, otherwise credit will not be awarded to your child.
    • Students on independent study WILL NOT be eligible for Excellent Attendance assembly at the end of the year.
    • Students on IEP's may not participate in independent study unless IEP clearly states independent study participation. (Special Education students will not be guaranteed makeup service time). 
Last Modified on January 26, 2018