• Awards Criteria

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Below are the many awards presented during the school year.  Listed under each award are the requirements toward earning the award.  We hope this will help students and parents understand what is required to receive one or more of them. 

    The Highland Staff Team

    Award is given in Classrooms in September-December and February-May

    Effort Award (Grades 1-6):
    One student in each classroom will receive this award monthly.  It is given for showing exemplary and ongoing effort.  

    Award is given at Awards Assemblies

    Virtues Award (Grades 1-6):
    One student per class will receive this award.  It is given for exhibiting exemplary characteristics of our Virtues program.  This award is given at our Awards Assemblies.

              *  Respect, Honor, Effort   (school-wide words)
              *  Friendship, Honesty, Responsibility, Integrity, Self-Discipline, Perseverance, Accountability  (individual grade levels words)



    Bronco Award (Grades 1-6):
    This award is given for exhibiting outstanding effort in an academic area.  Each month a different academic area will be highlighted; however, a teacher may determine another student desires recognition for academic effort and progress in a different area.

               First Assembly:                         Reading

               Second Assembly:                    Math

               Third Assembly:                        Writing

               Fourth Assembly:                      Science or Social Studies

               Fifth Assembly:                         Language Arts/ELD

               End of the Year Assembly:       Teacher/Grade Level Choice


    Award given at the End-of-the-Year Awards Assembly

    Highland’s Honor Roll Award (Grades 4, 5, and 6):

    This award is given to those fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students who meet the demanding criteria for the three trimesters of their current grade level.  These criteria are:   

               *  A- average for all report card grades issued during the year (including the third trimester).   
                  This is equivalent to a 3.5 [GPA] on a 4-point scale.

                *  Grades of "O" for Outstanding under "Behavior" at the time award issued

               *  Homework grade of "O" for Outstanding at the time award issued

               *  Highland 800 Words:  Student is on course or successfully demonstrated mastery of the words


    Citizenship Award (Grades 1-6):

    This Award is given to all students who earned grades of "O" for Outstanding under "Behavior" on all three (3) report cards this school year. 


    President's Award for Educational Excellence (Grade 6):

    Given to all sixth grade students meeting the criteria.  These criteria is established in alignment with the United States Department of Education specifications and are:

                *  A- average:  The overall A- average for the entire 6th grade year. 
                   The A- average is equivalent to a 3.5 [GPA] on a 4 point scale."  


               *  California State SBAC Test:  Achieve at the "Exceeded the Standard" level in math or reading.

    Corona-Norco Management Association Outstanding Student Award: 
    This is awarded is given by the administrators of the Corona-Norco Unified School District.  The Highland sixth grade teaching team based upon outstanding effort, citizenship, and academic achievement selects a sixth grade student.  This person has demonstrated the grade level Virtue and all of the Virtues of previous grades as well as the school-wide Virtue of respect.  Overall, this student exemplifies the characteristics of a perfect student.