• Mission Statement
    Centennial High School will prepare students for post-secondary education and the work force by creating a rigorous and relevant learning environment that meets the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students. 
    Vision Statement
    Centennial High School seeks to develop and support the emotional, social, and academic needs of all our students by offering diverse program options that provide students with opportunities to develop in a safe and productive environment. In order to support the needs of its diverse student populations, Centennial engages in partnerships with local businesses and post-secondary institutions to prepare students for the 21st Century workforce. Furthermore, Centennial High School staff will remain accountable in their efforts to raise student achievement and provide learning environments where continuous student improvement is part of the school culture through the use of Professional Learning Communities. Finally, staff members will participate in a multitude of ongoing professional development opportunities, provided on and off site, in order to remain up to date on current best practices with a focus on improving teaching and learning for all students.