Dear Parents and Families,

The staff and community of Eisenhower Elementary are dedicated to the success of all students and their future. Our learning environment is centered around students, guided by teachers, and supported by home and community. Excellence for each indi-vidual can be achieved through high expectations which promote lifelong learning. This is accomplished through:


This vision statement is at the heart of everything we do at Eisenhower. Our motto is "Eisenhower Generals…Leading the Way to a Lifetime of Learning," and we continue to lead the way with a strong API score of 910, one of the highest API scores in our district. The new 2012 scores will be out later this month, but we feel confident in our success and in our students!

We provide an atmosphere that is positive, safe, and secure. Our "Five Stars of Life Success" program was developed through our school climate committee. Each star represents skills for life success which are problem solving, self confidence, coopera-tion, respect, and responsibility. Our school wide discipline and reward system is based around these concepts.

Eisenhower is a proud Professional Learning Community focused on students at all times. Professional collaboration is at the core of our PLC where teachers meet as grade level teams on a consistent basis. During this collaboration time, teachers choose essential state standards on which to focus, share best teaching practices, develop regular standards based common assessments, interpret the assessment results, and plan and provide consistent intervention practices for students not meeting the standards as well as enrichment for those meeting or exceeding the standards. Through this collaborative team process, our teachers are able to pool their col-lective expertise to provide the utmost, quality instruction to all students. They look beyond the students assigned to their individual classroom and work together for the benefit of all of the students assigned to their team.

As we guide our students into the future we will maintain our students’ optimum achievement by continuing to "Lead the Way to a Lifetime of Learning." The growth of our students has no boundaries.

Thank you for making it such a great school year, you are the best parents and the best community any principal could ask for!

Kelley Gelzleichter, Principal

Last Modified on August 19, 2015
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