• 100 Mile Club

    The 100 Mile Club is a physical fitness program based on the goal of running or walking one hundred miles at school during a single school year. Using the life skills of ambition, intentness, honesty, and loyalty, students move toward their goal little by little, day by day. The day students run 25 miles they will receive a T- shirt. At 50 miles they will receive a pencil and a certificate, at 75 miles they receive a bracelet, and at 100 miles they receive a medal.


    A $10 donation per child will cover the cost to join the club. Participating in the 100 mile club is optional and not a school requirement. Whether you choose to send the money or not, your child's grade level may still be running and working towards 100 miles during the school year. Donations are only collected at the beginning of the school year so be sure to sign your child up then!
Last Modified on August 19, 2015