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    Welcome to our school's website highlighting many features and providing information regarding our outstanding school.  The school' Mission Statement is "Responsibility and High Expectations Lead to Success".  Our staff team believes in the Mission Statement and consistently focusing on developing students who are knowledgeable, problem solvers, thinkers and excellent citizens. 
    Our staff is dedicated to giving their best for all children. Education is one of the determining factors as to whether our children today have a chance of obtaining their dreams tomorrow. The staff is dedicated to teamwork, developing student experiences of success, building self-esteem, and instilling knowledge and positive character virtues. Highland School is an environment for students to learn and grow, build friendships and successes, and play and acquire knowledge to reach their dreams.
    Instilling quality character virtues is also important to an individual being well rounded.  Our Virtues Program is dedicated to the human side by focusing on respect, honor, effort, friendship, honesty, responsibility, integrity, self-discipline, perseverance, and accountability.  The first three - respect, honor, and effort - are school-wide virtues while the other seven are assigned to each grade level in order from kindergarten to sixth grade.  Each is important, but as school-wide virtues we wish students to understand they should respect others, honor yourself, and give their best effort.

    Additionally, we have wonderful parent and PTA volunteers. PTA provides an important element to any school and this is definitely true here at Highland. Every parent who joins PTA is part of our school's PTA, and our PTA's commitment to supporting the school is fantastic and greatly appreciated. Our PTA shares our vision for students and strives to help staff in providing a quality education for each child attending our school.  Parent assistance in classrooms comes in many fashions, so parents should talk to their child's teacher about how to best help. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your child's teacher. 

    We have a great school with wonderful people. Highland was recently named an Honor Roll School for its progress and focus on student learning and high expectations.  Our school was also recognized for a second time by the organization Simple Acts of Care and Kindness as a Caring School.  We are proud to have received both recognitions demonstrating we, the parents and the staff team, are going in the correct direction.
    I hope you will take a few moments to enjoy our web pages and find them a good source of information.  The 'home page' is kept updated with the most recent information for quick referencing.  Thank you again for visiting our Website.
    Mr. Scott
    “The greatest gift one can give another is their heart to love, their hand to hold, their ear to listen, and their time to share." 
    - Jason Scott