PeaceMakers PeaceMakers 

    The PeaceMakers are students in 5th and 6th grades specially trained to work with and help our younger students at recesses.  PeaceMakers also must demonstrate all of our school Virtues to remain PeaceMakers.  Our PeaceMakers do a wonderful job and the younger students love seeing them. PeaceMakers must interview for the position.  Grades and classroom behavior are considerations when selecting PeaceMakers. 
    Below is information for our PeaceMakers (names, schedules, meetings and other information).
    PeaceMakers for 2017-18:
    Isabella, Brookelynn, Lindsey, Maely, Alex, Joe, Bryce, Casey, Jacob, John, Ty, Haylie, Dakota, Wyatt, Dylan, Caleb, Kenzie, Sabrina, Jocelyn, and Alyssa.
    PM - March
    PM- April
    PM - May

    **** PeaceMakers will quietly exit the classroom for their service time. They will connect with a friend in the class to find out their missed work.
    If a PeaceMaker is absent, another PeaceMaker from their same class will report for the assigned time. ****