• FACTS of Social Media and Internet Safety:

    Did you know...

    · 17% of 3 and 4-year old’s use their parent's tables and smartphones as do 87% of 5 to 7-year old’s.

    · 92% of teens post their real name on their online profiles

    · 58% of teens don’t think posting personal info online is unsafe.

    · 69% of teens get personal messages from strangers and don't tell a trusted adult.

    · 82% of children are exposed to inappropriate material online before age 11.

     Parents do you....

    · Tell your child to never use identifying information like their name spelled out in their email address?

    · Keep your computers in the family room or other high traffic area in your home?

    · Know how the internet works and apps your child is using?

    · Track your child's online activities?

    · Do you know your child's email address, user names, and passwords?

    · Do you know your child's online friends?

     What is Cyberbullying?

    · Any form of bullying that takes place online which includes texting, emails and social media platforms

    · 87% of today's youth have witnessed cyberbullying

    · Close to 34% of students acknowledge that they have experienced cyberbullying

    · 15% of surveyed students admit to cyberbullying others.

    · 39% of children do not enable privacy settings on social media

    · 1 out of 3 children feel they are more acceptable on social media than in real life.