• Eastvale Elementary
    Student Valet Program
    Eastvale Elementary School has an a.m. student drop off procedure called the Student Valet Program. Student Valet is a voluntary program. It is designed to support students in developing leadership skills and promotes responsibility. The program benefts the entire school community by improving school traffic flow during our morning drop off.  It is all designed so you will not need to park or exit your vehicle to drop off your child(ren).
    If your 6th grade student is interested in participating in the Valet Program, they need to speak to their teacher and get a Student Valet Permission SLip. NOTE: Valets must be trained before participating in the program and wear a safety vest at all times.
    The valet drop off location is in front of the Office area outlined with signs, cones and yellow paint. 
    The valets are trained 6th graders who will be stationed between the the Office area and Multipurpose Room along the yellow walkway. Student Valets should not arrive prior to 7:40 am., as that is when supervision of the Student Valet Program officially begins. During rainy days, valet service will not be utilized.   
    Drivers wishing to use the Valet service will pull into the valet drop off area and pull all the way forward to the end of the drop-off lane. When the first vehicle in line reaches the farthest student valet (at the end of the Multipurpose Room) the driver will stop. The trailing drivers will  stop directly behind each other. At no time will the valets step into a traffic lane. The valets are required to stand up on the curb and behind their cones. The valets are supervised at all times.
    When the driver has made a complete stop and put the vehicle into park, the valet will open the passenger door, greet the family with a “good morning,” and help exit the child(ren) and their backpacks out of the vehicle. It is extremely important for your child to exit on the curbside only to avoid traffic from the fast lane. Then the valet will tell the driver, “have a nice day,” and close the vehicle door. The vehicles (in a line) will pull forward and out of the valet area.
    Drivers- please do NOT get out of your vehicle; this slows the process down. Backpacks must be in the vehicle and NOT in the trunk. Students standing in the roadway pulling their backpacks from the trunk are put in a dangerous position and this is NOT allowed.
    If your child needs help walking to  class due to their young age or having too much to carry, just ask the valet for an “escort” and the escort will help carry your child’s school items and walk them to class. The escorts are also 5thgrade students dressed in bright orange patrol safety belts.
    Our students' safety is our top priority and we would like to thank you in advance for you and your child’s patients and cooperation. If you have any questions or suggestions or if you (the parent) are available to assist with our safety program, please feel free to call our front office at 951-738-180.

    If you choose not to utilize the Valet program, please park your vehicle on the street in a legal location and remember:
    Yellow curb
    Valet area; pull in and drop off only. You may NOT park or exit your vehicle.

    Red curb
    You may never stop, stand or park your vehicle in a red zone.
    Blue curb
    Disabled parking, with placards only.