• Parents are Responsible Program
    We want parents involved in their child's education
    The Parents are Responsible Program is in place to encourage parental participation, understanding of school programs, and communication of school expectations for their child.  Aspects of the program include:
    • Parents are expected to attend Parent Information Night at the start of the year to learn
      the information presented

    • New parents to our school, following Parent Information Night, are scheduled a brief meeting
      with their child's new teacher for the purpose of informing the parent of our Timelines for
      Learning and other vital information.  Parents are responsible for attending the meeting.

    • Parents are responsible to attend their child's parent-teacher conference schedule during
      either September or October when the first report cards are issued.

    • Parents are informed of their child's progress toward the Timelines for Learning via a separate
      notification during the winter months.  Parents are responsible for reading this information and
      monitoring their child's progress in meeting the Timelines for Learning.

    • Parents are informed if their child is not progressing so as to meet the Timelines for Learning. 
      Parents are responsible for working with their child and communicating with the teacher on
      how to help their child.

    • Parents are responsible for attending Open House during the spring.

    Why does our school put this responsibility on parents?  First, we believe every parent wants their child to succeed and is willing to accept this responsibility to help their child.  Secondly, the staff team wants parents involved with their child - monitoring their progress - because we know when parents are involved their children do better.  We want all children doing well, so we want parent involved.

Last Modified on February 2, 2010