• Welcome to our Kindergarten web page!



    Mrs. Karen Lumba





    University/College Attended: University of Illinois/ Cal State Fullerton
    Degree Earned: bachelors/ graduate (reading specialist)      
    Hometown: Chicago, Il

    Kindergarten is fun!       

    We learn a LOT in Kindergarten!  We practice our letters and sounds using our Zoophonics friends and we are learning our sight words, reading, and writing!  We are learning our numbers and we learn how to count to 100, to add, and to subtract. 


    I send home a weekly email "Kindergarten
    Newsletter" on Fridays so you can keep updated on what we learn in class and what is coming up in the future.
     We send homework--K.I.N.D.E.R. binders home on Mondays and they are due on Fridays.  Remember to return the little books in your binder pouch, too! 



    Wednesdays are "Early Bird Wednesdays".  Remember to
    have your child return their library book every
    Wednesday (Library day!) so that they can pick out a different
    book! Return little Book Bags that have been signed, too!
    We have Super Bronco Awards Assemblies on the
    last Wednesday of every other month.  Students also earn
    awards for knowing all letters and sounds, all 50
    Kindergarten sight words, and all 100 First Grade
    sight words!
    We LOVE school!