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Measure GG Fact Sheet In November 2014, voters within the Corona-Norco Unified School District approved $396 million dollars in bonds with the passage of Measure GG. Corona-Norco Unified School District Past CNUSD Bonds Measure C (1998): $65 million HOW WILL FUNDS BE DISTRIBUTED? General Obligation Bonds are issued in Measure U (2006) : $250 million series. The IRS only allows government agencies to issue bonds in an amount equal to what they can reasonably expect to spend within three years. Another reason is that by phasing in the bonds in series over time, it helps to keep the tax rate down. Measure GG (2014) : $396 million HOW WILL FUNDS BE DISTRIBUTED BY CITY? Measure GG funds generated in the communities of Corona, Eastvale and Norco will be used exclusively to benefit schools in each respective community. CAN THE STATE TAKE FUNDING AWAY? The State CANNOT take Measure GG funding away.
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