AP Environmental Science   2013-2 014 Summer Assignment 
Passwords were reset because you had to login to moodle on campus first before using it at home.
 Here is how you should enter your information:
      UserName = Student ID #
      Passwordsare first/last name initials and birth date (drop leading zeroes)
      For example: John Smith 07/04/1998 = Js741998
 if it doesn't work then go to "resources" on this website. 
1.         Notebook Set-up: You should have your name, period, and course title on the coverof a spiral bound notebook. I will be checking your notebook the 1st day of school. Save the first two pages for a table of contents. Start chapter 1on the 3rd page. Your table of contents pages should be organized with thewords "Table of Contents" at the top and then have 3 columns ofappropriate size for the: Date, Assignment, page number and score.   Numberyour notebook pages on the bottom right hand corners (right pages are odd numbers). See example below.

2.      Access to Resources: **  You will need the enrollment key - contact me for info.  It is meant only for students enrolled in my class 2013-2014 and will be your source for class notes, chapterquestions, flashcards, assignments, video links and more.  **Go to “The LearningZone” at http://moodle2.cnusd.k12.ca.us  then high school courses, Corona High School,AP Environmental Science.  Login in usingyour school ID number and password (note: it might make you take an easy mini lesson of how to use this site). Onceyou are signed in you must enroll into the class.

3.      Chapter Questions:  Check out a textbook. Read chapters 1, 2,23, and 24. Answer the chapter questions for those chapters located on “TheLearning Zone.” Answers should be handwritten, Cornell style, and in complete sentences.  Please write a number next to each answer so I can easily find them. Writekeywords  for each question on the left.   Chapter questions are meant to help you focuson the most important parts of the chapter. They must also be legible, organizedand a way for you to go back and study later.  See example below.  After each of your chapter questions leaveone blank page (front and back) to take class notes on.  Do this for all chapters (except 23 and 24).

4.      Chapter Flashcards: Make flashcards for chapters 1, 2,23, 24 and 25. The flashcard list is also located at “the learningzone.”  Have complete definitions/explanationsfor each.  Each year student’s say theseare one of the most helpful tools in reviewing for the AP test so you shouldstrive to do a thorough job now as they will help you recall information inApril.   Also bring in a narrow/smallbox (shoebox is acceptable) as you will be storing these flashcards inclass.  You will have close to 500 by theend of the year. 

5.      TEST: You will be given a quiz covering the vocabularyand chapter questions for these chapters when you return.

6.      Email: I will be depending on email regularlyto contact you throughout the year. Please have an active email accountand get used to checking it frequently. I will have you provide your emailaddress to me the first day of school.

7.      Recommended:  Purchase REA'sCrash Course for the AP*Environmental Science Exam. You canuse this throughout the year (ISBN-13: 9780738609317).   Watch PlanetEarth videos to help you with chapters 5 &6.