Notes                     Directions
      Grades will be posted on Zangle which is our schools gradebook program. The website for grade checks is To access your son or daughter's grades you will need a pin number that is provided by our media technician Maria Gutierrez.  This same pin is used all four years.  You can email her at or call  (951) 736-3211 x1015 to retrieve your pin.   Directions are listed below after the "notes on grades."  To receive emails regarding updated grades please add register your email address on the parent connect website.
  • Dates are approximate in the gradebook, some may be off by a day or two.
  • A blank counts as a zero and it means work was not turned in.
  • Late work does not recieve full credit and will not be accepted after 3 days.
  • If a student is absent they are not excused from that day's assignment.  They are responsible for turning it in the next day.
  • Labs may  or may not be made up.  Depends on availability of materials.  Partial or zero points may be the only option.
  • Mistakes can be fixed as long as the student has preserved his or her work.  I ask students not to throw anything away until they have made sure they recieved their points.
  • Grades are updated about every 1-2 weeks.
  • Grades are also posted in class for students to see.
  • Exams should be made up within the week of the absence or they will be given a zero. 
  • I do not provide "extra credit" to make up for work that should have been done in the first place.
  • This is not a complete list... 
To access ParentConnection, please go to
Additional links and information will also be available our school website «url».
Step 1:
The ParentConnection Login window will appear.
Step 2:
Enter your PIN: «pin»
And Temporary Password: «temppass»
Then, click Logon
***IMPORTANT: You may need to allow pop-ups for this site in your Internet web browser
Step 3:
Once you have logged in, you must change your password by
entering your Temporary Password (A), your Email Address
(B), your New Password (C) and then Submit (D).
If you have more than one student at a school with
ParentConnection, the student names will appear on a dropdown
menu once the school has activated ParentConnection.
Begin accessing your student’s information by clicking on the
links on the left column.
Additional Resources at: