Retirement Investment Plans

    If you want a financially secure retirement, you have to be responsible and take action.  Your retirement benefit may not provide all the money you will eventually need.  You can take advantage of tax-deferred retirement savings in a 457 and/or a 403(b) deferred compensation program.  There are various 457 and 403(b) plans available to employees.
    Maximum Annual Contributions 2018 Calendar Year

    Visit the FBC Deferred Compensation Program website at www.fbcretire.com for more information or enrollment forms. 
    Contact David Meade to set-up appointments at (619) 541-5805 or at david.meade@empower-retirement.com 
    For Plan Administrator signatures, please contact a Participant Relationship Specialist at 1-800-274-0503 Ext. 5 or email fbcsupport@nbsbenefits.com.