• General FAQ's


    Who should I call if I have a question, comment or complaint?
    The Contract Manager of First Student. The number is (951) 736-3304.


    Are school buses safe?
    School buses are the safest form of transportation in the United States. Your child is much safer in a school bus than in your own car.


    Who inspects school buses?
    The California Highway Patrol inspects every bus annually; bus company mechanics inspect every bus each 3,000 miles or 45 days, and the bus driver inspects his bus every day before use.


    How long can my child be on the bus?
    There is no law or regulation which limits the amount of time a student may ride. The District makes every effort to keep ride times as short as possible.


    Will the bus driver honk the horn to let me know he's there?
    No. Bus drivers are told to park at the stop and wait until the departure time, then pull away.


    Why doesn't the bus driver activate the flashing red lights when special-education students are boarding?
    The Vehicle Code specifically exempts from the red-light requirement all bus stops where students require extra time to board or exit the bus.


    What if my child becomes ill during the day? Will he be bused home?
    Parents are responsible for transporting students who become ill at school.


    If my child is absent one day, do I need to call the bus company so they will come by the next?
    No. Bus drivers are instructed to make every stop every day, unless notified of a long-term absence.


    When should I call to let the bus company know if my child will be absent?
    For most parents, only if the absence will be five days or more. If you live south of Weirick Road or Lake Mathews, 
    First Student would appreciate a call (951-736-3304) even for single-day absences


    Do school buses have seat belts?
    The small buses used primarily for special-education runs are equipped with three-point lap and shoulder belts.  Largeschool buses sold after July 1, 2005 must be equipped with three-point lap and shoulder belts. As older buses in the fleet are retired and are replaced by buses sold after that date, they will be equipped as required by law.


    Are school buses air-conditioned?
    Small schookl buses are equipped with air-conditioning.  Because school buses stop and open the door (or wheelchair lift) every few minutes, the air conditioning on buses is not as effective as in passenger cars.


    Can I ride the bus with my child?
    No. For liability reasons, the only passengers allowed are students, bus drivers and aides, and certain District employees