Pre-School/Early Start Services 

  • Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) provides assessment and intervention services for preschool children (ages 3-5). Services are provided for children who require special education services due to delays in one of more areas of development: communication, motor, social/emotional, visual, and/or cognition; or, because of an established medical condition or congenital syndrome which is adversely impacting development or likely to adversely impact development.
  • Children are usually referred for assessment by parents or at transition meetings with either Inland Regional Center or CNUSD Early Start.
  • Assessment, Initial Individualized Education Programs, and Transition Meetings for children ages 3-5 are coordinated at the following location:
  • CNUSD Special Education Office
  • 2820 Clark Avenue
  • Norco, CA 92860
  • Referrals can be made by a written request to the above address or by calling:
    Telephone: 951-736-5090
  • CNUSD offers a continuum of Special Education placement options and related services to preschool children. Preschool programs and services within CNUSD are currently coordinated through the Preschool Program Office located at the CNUSD District Office. Programs are offered at various elementary sites throughout the district.

Early Start

  • CNUSD provides early intervention services to children and their families, ages birth to 3, who have one or a combination of the following disabilities:
    • Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    • Visual Impairment (legally blind or low vision)
    • Orthopedic Impairment
  • Services are coordinated through the following location:
    CNUSD Special Education Office
  • 2820 Clark Avenue
  • Norco, CA 92860
  • Referrals are typically initiated by parents, medical professionals, or therapists.
  • Referrals for the CNUSD Early Start Program can be made by calling:
    Telephone: 951-736-5090
  • Once a referral is received, a CNUSD Infant/Toddler Service Coordinator will contact the family and arrange a time for an intake meeting. Through the Individualized Family Service Plan, services are then provided to the child and family with home-based family centered services in the child's natural environment.


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