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    Welcome to the Eisenhower Library!  Our students are fortunate to have a beautiful and spacious library that is hub of school! We offer a very large selection of Accelerated Reader books in a variety of genres as well as many other exciting titles. Students visit the library once a week with their class.
    In order for your child to have library privileges, a signed permission slip is required.  By doing this, we are sure that you as parents understand and accept responsibility along with your child for the books he or she checks out.  Students will be billed for the replacement cost of any damaged or lost book.  Books are expensive.  The average cost to replace a hard-bound book is $15-$30.  A $3 charge will be billed if the computer label is destroyed.  Replacement cost may be refunded if books are found within 30 days of payment.  The permission slip is sent home the beginning of each school year.


    Below is a copy of the Corona/Norco Unified School District Board Policy on school property including damaged or lost books.  Please read and discuss it with your child.


    BOARD POLICY: CHAPTER 6, ARTICLE 5 - “School Property

    Effective January 1, 1983, the failure to return school property when the student has been notified and given the opportunity to return said property, or pay for it, and parents/guardians have been duly notified regarding possible consequences: the student’s grades, diplomas or transcripts may be impounded by the Custodian of Records.  Upon return of the property, replacement, or payment, these records shall be returned from impoundment by the Custodian of Records and managed according to laws and regulation regarding confidentiality.


    Mrs. Gayle Duff


Last Modified on October 1, 2015