• Exercise



    Exercise is more important than you might think. The benefits of regular physical activity impact every aspect of your daily life, including:

    • Ease of Movement
    • Builds Strong Muscles
    • Reduce Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
    • Improves Your Posture
    • Contributes to a Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery
    • Makes Your Joints More Stable
    • Decreases Chronic Pain
    • Increases Physical Stamina
    • Relieves Back Pain
    • Improved Ability to Make Complex Decisions
    • Leads to Better Sleep Patterns
    • Better Concentration and Short-Term Memory
    • Improves Emotional Well-being


    All "Wellness Works Wonders" activities are for the Employees of the Corona-Norco Unified School District ONLY. Non-employees may not participate in any of the following activities. All activities must be held before or after the employee work day. All locations for use must have prior approval from the appropriate site or District administrator.
    No employee may participate without submitting this form to the "activity" director: Employee Activity Form
    Click on the link below to join the great opportunities to exercise at or near your worksite. Please contact these individuals directly for more information: