Corona-Norco Unified School District

    MultipleSubject, Single Subject and Education Specialist Clear Credentials InductionSyllabus


    Dr. Carry Tillery                                                                   ctillery@cnusd.k12.ca.us
    BTSA InductionCoordinator                                              (951)736-5089

    Educational Services                                                             Building D


    Program Description:  The Corona-Norco Unified School District has a BTSA/Induction Program that has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the California Department of Education.  The District supports all new teachers who meet the state eligibility requirements to clear their credential through this program (SB2042).  Corona-Norco USD has designed the program based on the Formative Assessment for California Teachers(FACT) System.  Foundational to the FACTSystem is the Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Professional Teacher Induction Programs, the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, the Common Core State Standards, the California Frameworks and Evidence of Teacher and Student Performance. The FACT System embeds the “Plan, Teach, Reflect and Apply” cycle. The goal of the Induction program is to support all new teachers as they develop and grow in their practice and apply, in their classrooms, the knowledge and skills previously acquired in their preliminary credential program (SB1209).


    Program Vision:  The CNUSD program vision is “to create and retain reflective practitioners who are committed to the success of all students and seek to be life-long learners.” This vision is foundational in providing each Participating Teacher with mentoring and support during the Induction process. 


    Program Materials:  All Participating Teachers (PTs) in the BTSA/Induction Program will receive the following materials:

    o  A Binder Containing the Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT) System

    o  Induction Standards Five: Pedagogy; and Six:Universal Access: Equity for All Students

    o  College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards

    o  Common Core Standards (English Language Arts& Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects and Mathematics)

    o  California Standards for the Teaching Profession(2009)

    o   BTSA/Induction Seminar Calendar

    o  Continuum of Teaching Practice

    o  CNUSD BTSA Induction Handbook:  Advice and Assistance in Completing BTSA

    o  TheReflective Educator’s Guide to Classroom Research: Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn Through Practitioner Inquiry, by Nancy Fichtman Dana and

    Diana Yendol-Hoppey

    o  Teach Like a Champion Field Guide, by Doug Lemov

    o  DreamClass, How to Transform Any Group of Students Into The Class You’ve Always Wanted,  by Michael Linsin

    o  What Great Teachers Do Differently, by Todd Whitaker

    o  One Minute Discipline, Arnie Bianco

    o  Thinking Maps,  by David Hyerle and ChrisYeager


    FACT System:


    The FACT System contains four performance-based job-embedded modules to support Participating Teachers as they teach. The modules are described below:


    Module A: Context for Teaching and Learning

    While completing this module, Participating Teachers gather information about their teaching environment as they research their classroom,school, district and community. This information assists them in differentiating instruction, embedding new knowledge and working collaboratively with students and families. Reflection is a key component of Module A and is essential in enabling Participating Teachers to teach more effectively to impact student achievement.


    Module B:  Assessment of Teaching and Learning

    While working on this module, Participating Teachers consider the knowledge and skills acquired during teacher preparation, their current context for teaching, and evidence gathered by their support provider during a classroom observation.  The self assessment helps Participating Teachers identify strengths and areas for growth leading to the development of an Individual Induction Plan that is used to guide Module C.


    Module C: Inquiry into Teaching and Learning and Individual Induction Plan

    The purpose of the Inquiry module is to engage Participating Teachers in teaching activities that focus on identified aspects of their teaching. With their Support Provider, they assess their practice using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, gather information and collaborate with colleagues.  They develop an inquiry question based on their personal reflection about their practice, create and implement an action plan, reflect on collected evidence and apply new learning to future practice. Results of the Inquiry will demonstrate student gains and be used to guide future professional development.


    Module D: Summary of Teaching and Learning

    During the final module, Participating Teachers will reflect and summarize the growth they have made during Induction.  The will select significant work that illustrates their growth over the last year to showcase during the Year-end Culminating Event.  This module allows the Participating Teacher to celebrate their accomplishments made over the two years of Induction.


    Module E:  Assessment Toolbox: Reflections on Teaching and Learning




    Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Education Specialist Candidates


    The completion of all requirements for Induction is the responsibility of the Participating Teacher with facilitation by the Support Provider.  Induction replaces the work of three University classes (formerly required to clear the Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential). Participating Teachers are not compensated for Seminar Time but may use the hours accumulated in the Seminars as part of the “5 extra days” requirement.


    Participating Teachers will be required to meet with their Support Provider during the bi-monthly Seminars, during individual conferences at the BTSA office, and at their school sites (for observations) to work on FACT.  Appointments may be scheduled for most site visits. However, the Support Provider may drop in on any class in order to observe different strategies used with various contents and classes.  All visits by the Support Provider will be documented on a contact log and include the module and work being completed.  Participating Teachers will be required to initial the contact log, verifying the contact time.  The Participating Teachers’ initials provide formal documentation that they have received BTSA service and have met regularly with their Support Provider.  Various methods of contact will be used, including e-mail, webcasts and Skype.  Training for these interactions will be included in Seminars.


    Education Specialist Candidates (only)


    All Education Specialist Candidates will meet with their Support Provider, Program Leader and Administrator from Special Education to complete a transition document and develop an Individual Induction Plan within 30 days of signing the district contract. Candidates will complete professional development trainings in their area of need, as specified on their Individual Induction Plan and determined by their credential type and teaching assignment.





    FACT Binder: Participating Teachers will be required to collect evidence that they have completed all FACT requirements. PTs will be given a copy of the FACT system and will also be able to access the forms on the BTSA website.   PTs should begin by saving evidence from all Professional Development Seminars and other events that they take part in,such as agendas from meetings like New Teacher Day, Open House, Parent Information Night and Grade Level or Department Meetings.  Also, attendance at all Seminars is required and will be documented with a Verification of Attendance Form and a Reflection. The Support Provider will assist PTs as they work through the process, however, it is the responsibility of the PT to complete and document all components of the FACT system.


    Inquiry Research Symposium:

    During the Inquiry Research Symposium at the end of the year, PTs will be required to create and present a poster depicting their completed Inquiry. This display should demonstrate the action research(scientific) process of the Inquiry and include all its components. Results will demonstrate student achievement gains from the entry level assessment to the summative assessment (included in Module C, FACT system).


    Seminars: Each PT will receive a 2014-2015 BTSA Induction Seminar Schedule.   Seminars are designed around FACT, the Induction Standards, Credential Type and teaching assignment. Attendance is mandatory and it is expected that all Participating Teachers will arrive on time. Most Seminars will be held the first and third Wednesdays of each month for Year One PTs and the second and fourth Wednesday of each month for Year Two PTs. Most Seminars will begin at 4:00 p.m. and end by 7:00 p.m.  Seminars will consist of FACT implementation discussions, special topics related to the Standards, and cohort discussions(developed by content area) related to Participating Teacher needs.  All Seminars are job-embedded and are focused on what our district does in each designated area.




    Year One

    • Attend New Teacher Day
    • Attend Introduction to Induction
    • Schedule and attend Individual Conferences
    • Attend Seminars Twice a Month
    • Attend Collaboration Meetings every fifth Wednesday (if applicable)
    • Complete Context for Teaching and Learning (Module A)
    • Complete Assessment of Teaching and Learning by using the Continuum of Teaching Practice (Module E: Assessment Toolbox)
    • Complete One Inquiry and Individual Induction Plan (IIP) (Module C)
    • Utilize Current Research, Methodologies and Strategies to Inform Practice
    • Complete Reflections on Teaching and Learning
    • Organize FACT Binder and include Evidence for each Module, as specified.
    • Attend Binder Checks One and Two
    • Inquiry Research Symposium– Share Your Inquiry Poster: May 6, 2015



    Year Two

    • Complete Inquiry One and Two and IIPs (Module C)
    • Utilize Current Research, Methodologies and Strategies to Inform Practice
    • Schedule and attend Individual Conferences
    • Continue to Organize FACT Binder
    • Attend Seminars Twice a Month
    • Attend Collaboration Meetings every fifth Wednesday (if applicable)
    • Complete Assessment of Teaching and Learning using the Continuum of Teaching Practice (Module E: Assessment Toolbox)
    • Complete Reflections on Teaching and Learning
    • Attend Binder Checks Three and Four
    • Inquiry Research Symposium– Share Your Inquiry Poster: TBD
    • Fill out Application for Clear Credential
    • Turn in Binder by May, 2016 (BTSA Office)
    • Pick up Binder on June, 2016
    • File For the Clear Credential




    The FACT Binder must be completed prior to a Participating Teacher receiving the Program’s recommendation to clear their Credential.  Additional help sessions will be announced for those participants who want assistance putting their Binders together.  The Support Provider will spend limited time working on Binders outside of these special help sessions. Please place all FACT assignments in your Binder (without sheet protectors).  Please include all evidence, as specified in each Module.




    Upon completion of all requirements for the BTSA/Induction Program, each Participating Teacher will be given the BTSA/Induction Program Completion Checklist that will be signed off by your Support Provider and the Coordinator of the Program.  You are required to present this Checklist to your Credential Analyst in Human Resources and she will match it up with your application (completed at Binder Check Four).  She will then instruct you on how to goon-line to file for your Clear Credential.