Natioanl BoardNational Board Certification       Catherine Whalen

 *The Nation Board Cohort Meeting for October 1st, 2013 is at 4:00 in Learning Center North*

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential that complements each state’s teaching license.  Certification is achieved upon successful completion of a voluntary assessment program that recognizes accomplished teachers who meet high standards, based on what effective teachers should know and be able to do.

During the process of certification, candidates are required to complete 10 assessments that are reviewed by trained teachers in the candidate’s chosen field.  The assessments include four Portfolio entries that focus on exemplary teaching practice and six constructed response exercises that examine the candidates’ content knowledge.

National Board Certification is based on the following Five Core Propositions:

  • Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
  • Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.
  • Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
  • Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from their experience.
  • Teachers are members of learning communities.

National Board offers 16 content areas that include various developmental levels for Candidates to choose from.  Thus, National Board offers 25 certificates that are applicable to most teachers.

The total cost of National Board Certification is $2,565.00. CNUSD is currently partnering with California States University, Fullerton, which provides assistance with applying for funding and paying for the district Support Provider.
CNUSD is excited to announce the development of a 2013-2014 cohort of district teachers taking on the challenge of becoming National Board Certified! 
If you have questions about joining the 2013-2014 National Board cohort contact Peter Lum,