• Professional Development Vision

    In keeping with the Mission Statement for the Corona-Norco Unified School District, all Professional Development is designed to maximize each teacher’s capacity to provide a quality education for each and every student within a caring classroom and school environment, as well as to help teachers promote academic excellence, social growth and responsible decision making in all students. Furthermore, in accordance with the National Staff Development Council Standards  and the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, CNUSD engages in professional development that is research based, sustained and intensive in its approach to improving teachers’ and principals’ effectiveness.
    The collaborative process involves the engagement of learning teams of educators, including teachers and principals, in a continuous cycle of improvement that is research based and focused on knowledge of pedagogy. Emphasis is placed on:
    • Student Engagement
    • Teacher Collaboration
    • Use of Formative Student Assessment Data to Design Instruction, Classroom Follow-up and Support
    • Differentiation of Instruction including a focus on SDAIE Strategies and the SIOP Model for English Learners
    • Writing as a Student Work Product Across the Curriculum.
    As part of our students' acquisition of 21st Century Skills, further emphasis is placed on:
    • College to Career Readiness
    • Use of Technology Resources in the Classroom to Enhance Student Achievement
    • Expanded Trainings for Teachers and Administrators on Core Material to ensure Fidelity to the Curriculum and Inclusive, Consistent Delivery
    • Implementation of BEST First Instruction
    All constituents in the district community take responsibility for professional growth with the goal of improving academic achievement for all students in the District.